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Bill (Real Time and Politically Incorrect) Maher pretty well summed it up

Trump supporters are like members of a cult who entered an organization seeking to improve their lives and wanted others to feel the same and achieve the same euphoria and worth. The same can be, and is said, about organized religion. I know my children feel the same about my beliefs. I want them to have the same relationship that I have with “my Divine Being” but I cannot impose my belief on them nor theirs’ on me. My “Divine Being” permits me free will (but not free from guilt) when I practice my moral play of life. But I’ve strayed from Maher’s point.

How are we to accept back Trump’s believers into “Our world, society nation.” With love understanding and acceptance.

Well I can understand how people 4 years ago could buy into “Drain the Swamp” mentality 4 years ago but how could anyone not see the murkier corruption and abject failure of the past 4 years? How can those who fought and spilled blood defending our borders with our allies not see the treasonous actions of breaking agreements in NATO and SEATO see our Nation’s vulnerability after Trump’s failed diplomacy?How can anyone still defend this personality’s and his henchmen end run of circumventing the electorate?

Because they fell into a cult of am immoral, mortal, selfish individual and their (not necessarily his) dream of their having a better life, even if others may suffer. But we must still work and live beside them daily the way Christians and Muslims and Buddhist and Hindus and Agnostics and Atheist SHOULD do. Somehow with respect and love because 73 million at least 3 weeks ago were still buying what he was (is) selling while 80 million said “No more!” Yet this 153 million is still less than the total residents within our borders. Somehow if the individual dream progress for us and the world is to occur we must somehow achieve consensus while understanding others?

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Posted: 11/21/2020 at 09:07AM


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