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Good questions. Here are.my thoughts

1. The playoff will expand. There is too much money and momentum at play, not to expand it. All the money being lost due to COVID, players getting rights to names and likeness, plus additional costs in the future toward long-term health insurance, guaranteed schollys etc., those costs will need to be paid for some how. I think it goes to 8 teams but with bowl games now being even more worthless and to keep players from opting out at the end of seasons, I could see it get expanded all the way to 12 or 16. It will be auto bids for Power 5, and then some autobid for G5 as long as they have a team that hits some parameter like a Top 10 ranking or something like that.

2. Probably not. If so, it will be very minor like a team or two but nothing significant. 2023/2024 though when the CFP tv deal is up as well as a lot of other tv deals, I think there will be significant realignment. Unless there is significant changes in the PAC12, expect a huge defection. I think 2 teams will go to the Big10, and 5 to the Big12, while WVU leaves to the ACC. What we thought was going to happen with the Big12 a few years ago, actually happens to the PAC12. And the 5 remaining will join up with the major MWC schools and BYU to make a Power 7th conference that is more competitive with the AAC. This is what I think will happen. And is different from my answer in #3 & 4 below of what should happen now.

3. Realize you are not effective at improving the conference and retire for someone with significant connections and resources. You have to think big to be big. You have to get BYU back in this conference. You need to get Gonzaga in this conference. You need to start attacking the AAC with proof that you are better by having each team try to schedule them once a year. If MWC plays the AAC 12 times and wins 8, that is a lot of bragging there. Start helping teams hire coaches and AD that you know will be successful for the conference.

4. Since I don't expect #3 to happen. You start working with Boise, SDSU, and AF (all 3 of which have looked elsewhere for better opportunities in the no so distant past) to partner to either improve the MWC yourselve by influencing the other members, or look for a way out to be part of a conference like the AAC that has the same big aspirations that your schools do. Fact is SJSU, Hawaii, Nevada, Fresno St., Utah St., for the most part they are content with where they are at. Happy to be pulled up but won't put a ton into making that happen. Wyo, UNM, UNLV, will invest some but their are limits to their boldness and their abilities to invest. CSU, Boise and SDSU all want something better but need the right way to get there. AF does too, they are just limited by government as to what extent they can invest for it. You put together the goal of what you want with SDSU, Boise, and AF. All fully bought it. To make a way to get there and tell Wyo, UNM, and UNLV to make their choice. Go big with us, or go home with the others. Then start the divide on where that takes you. Maybe it builds an all new conference with BYU and the best of the best in some of the crappier conferences. Maybe that is going to the AAC. Maybe it is an mini independent conference of just a few schools with big aspirations that at within themselves and then support each other in kicking the asses of a bunch of OOC teams.
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