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As much as I have ribbed you... this is a start at civil discussion

"I think every American should have health insurance."

How do we go about this... After working in other foreign countries, I feel all should have basic healthcare... sniffles, broken bones, flu, diabetes, those things that burden our pocketbooks... and one that the government is already subsidizing heavily for with those that currently don't have insurance... who is paying for that... our tax dollars. After that there should be a versions of let's call it "poor man's insurance". An affordable insurance that would cover everything above the normal sickness that requires special treatment at a costly rate... but regretfully would have a higher deductible. Then there are those levels above that many of us have with different levels of deductibles. It has to be a hybrid of govt and private insurance where all hold hospital billing, drug billing and other costs accountable and affordable. How they do it I don't know... but it a thought. I think if the current insurance companies thought that they were going to get pushed out otherwise... they would come up with a plan. But it needs a negotiator from congress to make it happen.

I want to see some of these other budget blowouts brought back into order... adjust tax hole loops so that those that evade taxes through legal channels are more into the game... and those of us in middle class aren't footing so much of the bill. We have to work on our deficit... even if that does require cuts in spending and increases in taxes. I would be in favor of a flat rate tax IMO. The stock market is not the place to tax... one thing I can't stand about Biden's current plan if he implements it. Stock market is already taxed long term vs short term.. keep it that way. Don't go messing with investments that are an incentive... now... he could put something on the companies that are making profits... have them go back to the days where dividends were regularly paid based up gains. Pull back the tariffs... don't tariff the goods, instead tax the companies who had major prophets by having labor overseas... create incentives for manufacturing here... even if that requires subsidies for competitive pay... not premium prices... just something where manufacturing industry gets a good kick in the rear to come back to the U.S and people want to work at them. I mean we give farmers subsidies and most know that is to keep our produce prices cheep... but those conglomerate farms take those subsidies and then sell overseas... is that fair? Now for the big one... immigration reform. We have a lot immigrants... illegal and legal... those illegals that have lived here peacefully and have been a viable product of our society need a way to become citizens... thugs go home. I think once we put those steps into motion we really hold those that hire illegals accountable with MAJOR fines. We are never going to fully stop border crossing and a wall is not the answer... but we can be more adamant about a way for those coming across to have a shot at citizenship if they are worthy. Systemic racism... it exists... Defund the police is poorly worded. Allocate funds better in the community would be more appropriate. That includes adjustment within the police force for better usage of our officers. I have an ex army buddy who is on a swat team in Illinois.. as he has gotten older and more beat up body... he has now been funded to retrain in social work within the swat department. he described it to me as more a negotiator with the public and trainer within the department on "sensitivity." He is proud that within his department they are a mixed race group that understands the community... according to him. Will that work everywhere... we don't know... but racial profiling has to move to something in the past...

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Posted: 01/10/2021 at 5:52PM


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