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The central component that separates BLM and the capitol riot

I keep seeing this comparison from family members and other conservatives who are desperately looking for cover. It's a terrible comparison, and I will focus on one thing.

The BLM movement and the so-called summer of protest were born out of real events. As we all know, the video that showed George Floyd getting suffocated under the knee of a police officer was just one of many. (Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, James Blake). Most of these videos resulted in no charges for the officer, again as well know. Whether or not you agree with the broader concept of structural racism is immaterial, because we know that these killings happened and that charges were never brought. Did you know the Kenosha cop just got off without charge?

The issue of structural racism is a sociological debate that we can have. The data says it's there, but I too question whether social engineering can truly enforce equity.

It does not excuse rioting, but the protesting was based on real events.

Now compare that to the motivation of those who stormed the capitol. The scariest part about the modern-day right-wing is their commitment to a reality of their own making. There is an entire information ecosystem that exists to spin out an alternate form of reality. Can you really blame your average OAN viewer for believing that they had a duty to charge the capitol?

For decades, conservatives have indulged the conspiracy theories as a means to an end. Many educated conservatives valued the tax-cuts to an extent that let them turn a blind eye. In most cases, conservatives I know allowed themselves to indulge from time to time when they caught the fever. Now they want to deny it.

Were there death panels in the healthcare bill?
Was Barack Obama an illegal president born in another country?
Was there really an operation Jade Helm representing Obama's intent to invade Texas?
Was there really a secret stand down order in Benghazi?
Was Hillary really at the center of a child sex ring?

Last Wednesday was the logical expression of more than a decade of paranoid delusion accepted by people who knew better.

The question is where we go from here. If you're a Trump voter who wants to reject complicity, I understand how you feel. In order to heal our country, there will have to be a significant degree of this forgiveness. But I hope that those of you who know better will fight for the integrity of your movement, and wrestle it away from the jaws of conspiracy theorists.

You can disagree with the incoming administration all you want, a good opposition is necessary for our system to work well. But I hope we can end the crazy talk, even if it makes you feel good to "own the libs."
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