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These back-to-back games have been fascinating

Just to watch the adjustment of the teams, coaches and especially the guys we all come to watch...the refs! The differences in calls between crews in game 1 and game 2 can be huge, and really change how the game flows.

Before anyone calls me a homer, I really think this benefitted CSU in Logan, as a much quicker whistle knocked out Queita and helped us get that dub, but last night was clearly a situation where the refs decided not to call things as close and Boise ratcheted up the physicality. BSU was embarrassed on the boards and on D, and they came to play on that side. And the refs let them, which wasn't something that was happening on Wed. Also, they wanted to attack the O glass and the bucket, and that was the area where the refs added some bail out calls.

It happens, and I'm not saying this is some officiating conspiracy, it's just that they, as well as the players and coaches, adjust from game-to-game. But the refs each night are a totally different coefficient. They saw the calls the other crew made/missed, saw how the game flow went, and they have their reaction and their different view/personality. In game 2, Boise got away with a lot of off ball contact, extra reaches and pokes (especially on Roddy under the hoop - the sequence when Niko got the T came after he was fouled twice, before finally a BSU player made a clean swipe - give anyone three chances to reach in and they'll get a steal), and bullied their way under the hoop.

We didn't lose because of the refs, but this set certainly did us no favors. It's something this team needs to learn and adjust to a little quicker. If the refs are letting the other team do, match that aggressiveness and force the issue, especially at the cup.

If anyone read this long, especially Shep, I'd be eager to hear your thoughts on these back-to-backs, especially the ref factor?

Posted: 01/30/2021 at 1:23PM


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