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It is not unlike the term “Ugly American,” while we are an extremely

generous Nation and have many generous people both Rich and Poor anyone who is honest with themselves and their creator knows it is true. I have traveled internationally and I’m appalled what I seen by my fellow Americans cutting in the queue everywhere their lack of patience in Europe their expectation of more personal space in Asia? Their expectation that the US dollar should get them more value everywhere even on a beach in Mexico? (I will tell you that Australians, Danes and Eastern Europeans are some of the most helpful travelers I’ve encountered helping me and other Americans the Brits arrogance actually supersedes most Americans. Greeks and Italians have not been real helpful, perhaps language barrier or they don’t really care to help, but strike me as gracious and warm folks at least to my face.)

As Ugly American is real outside our borders, White Privileged is very real within. We all have seen it and if we are honest with ourselves who are white have practiced and expected it!

(In response to this post by Pokebball)

Posted: 02/28/2021 at 10:19PM


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