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No, he's 100% right. I've tried like hell to only moderate and not

comment on this board, but this blows my mind.

How in the hell do you suppose that a vaccine offers more protection than having had the actual virus in your system? If SocoRam had the virus, he/she is not a potential spreader. Period, end of story. It's basic microbiology. Once you have a virus you develop an immunity. When you are immune you can't get the virus, and if you don't have the virus you can't spread it. End of story. All this crap about asymptomatic transmission and vaccinated individuals still transmitting the disease is just crap. Pure and unadulterated crap. That's it. What's worse is the narrative that folks who had the disease are not as immune as those who got the shot. That is pure bullshit. If you were actually positive for Covid 19, you are immune. There is no difference in the immunity level of having the virus vs getting vaccinated for it. I can't believe the made up BS surrounding this virus as though it is so different from every other corona virus in history. It's not. If you get it, you're immune and very unlikely to get sick. If you take the vaccine, you're immune and somewhat likely to get sick, but not seriously so. There is absolutely no difference in the level of immunity between having had the virus and getting the vaccine. None! Zero! Nada!

Folks who've had the virus and then decide not to get vaccinated are not selfish. They are making a personal decision based on science. Actual science, not political science. They are already immune. The same level of immunity (perhaps moreso depending on the ongoing research into the T-cell roll) as a vaccinated individual. Man, I do get tired of the Covid shaming from folks who have no freaking clue what the hell they are talking about.

(In response to this post by Dubya Why Oh)

Posted: 04/07/2021 at 02:48AM


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