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So who here thinks football will be .500 or above this fall?

I've seen a lot of chatter on here and excitement, which is normal and understandable. Every off-season there are 130 fan bases of DI programs who are optimistic about the future of their football program. With that said, I am just not seeing a lot of reasons to be optimistic. I am not a hater and I want CSU football to be successful as much as anyone here, but for those of you who think we're going to win 8+ games, what are you seeing that I'm not? Here's what I see:

1. A poor coaching hire in Daz. Why would we think this guy can win 10 games, or even 8 games for that matter? What has he proven in his career that makes you think he's suddenly going to figure it out at CSU? He says all the right things to make some of you all giddy? Is that it?

2. Bobo-era hangover. It really takes some incredible coaching to recover from what Bobo did to this program. For those of you who defended the guy for 4 1/2 years, shame on you. It was clear in year two when we were completely humiliated in the RMS that Bobo was in over his head (or being blown out by WYO in Hughes that same season, or getting embarrassed by Idaho in the bowl, a team no longer in DI, or the home loss vs AFA in Bobo's third season where they didn't punt once all game, or the Boise OT loss where we had a 99.8% chance of winning. Should I go on?). Rebuilding a culture after bringing in a guy like that is not an easy task even for the best of coaches.

3. Our personnel has a TON of holes. On defense, our front 7 is going to be as solid as they've been in many years, but what is up with the secondary departures? A unit that was already a huge liability is now going to be the reason this defense will still give up 50+ points more than once this coming season. On offense, I just don't see it. Other than Dante and Trey, we don't have any playmakers. And I'm not convinced we can even effectively run the ball. Even if we can, you can't win 8-10 games that way. You got to be able to effectively throw the ball in this day and age.

I'm keeping my season tickets and I'll probably attend every game. I hope some of the coaches and players read this and use it as fuel to get better and prove me wrong. I'd LOVE to be proven wrong! But I am definitely not optimistic. 3-4 wins is the best I can see. Back to the Fairchild era is how this is feeling right now.

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