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Problem is, it's just a drive-by blast as usual...

...always coming to the site to rip on a coach or player. In this case, it's a new player, looking to start fresh, be a Ram, bring something to the program, and IMO, it's not cool when fans do this. You can express concern with the direction of the program or with QBs or whatever without only showing up here to tear down CSU, it's players, coaches, and admin. Fans who keep an open mind, welcome a player, etc. does not mean they are "drinking the Kool Aid".

I'm as nervous about our QB situation this year as I have ever been. I'm hopeful that it surprises me. But coming here to rip TC or the new transfer Valecce over and over again is unnecessary. And ugly.

And, btw... if we can't be optimistic now, when the heck can we be? Sure hasn't happened during the season in recent years. We're not burying our heads in the sand when it comes to the program's issues. There are plenty of them. But I hate the continuous drive-by rip sessions on coaches, players, admin, etc.
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