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So, the US is at a crossroads. As a society, we are making a choice

We could have "herd-immunity" and more-or-less eradicate Covid 19 by getting 70-80% of the population vaccinated. As with other diseases (measles, polio, etc) we may still be at slight risk due to the disease internationally. Herd immunity ain't gonna happen.

What it looks like is going to happen is that we have collectively made the choice to have to continue to deal with Covid and its mutations (actually a few moronic individuals have made the choice for all of us). Vaccines will need to be updated and boosters will be required -- maybe annually or twice per year based on mutations. People will continue to get Covid and get hospitalized and die, but the healthcare system will not be overwhelmed.

The risk is that some mutation appears that completely makes the current vaccine obsolete and hospitalizations and deaths get out of control again. Then it's -- Welcome to 2020 part II, and the same people whining about vaccines will whine about Covid mitigation measures.

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