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Aww the little grasshopper found it's way back

I'm so sorry you can't read
I'm so sorry I don't have access to your paper trading account on Robinhood...
I'm so sorry the 4% return you would have had in about a week or so time wasn't good enough for you..
I'm so sorry you're too lazy and lack basic knowledge

Go grab your mommy so she can explain a couple things to you..
1) I said it'd be over 2 years until it hit what I said it would. I posted that in Feb or March of this year.. that's only 2-3 months ago..
2) I said how I thought the market would drop well before then so your best price might come later.

That being said, I'm not and haven't been a fan of Cathy's buying the last 6 or so weeks. I wouldn't be too surprised if whomever was doing their analysis before, has left. Their buys lately haven't made sense, even the most basic analysis would have told their analysis not to buy.

It's very entertaining the amount of jealously and hate I get from 3 or 4 people on here regarding the market. I'm not bitching about it, I really do find it entertaining. I've mentioned the things I have to only help. It's been really nice, I've connected w/ someone from here offline, good dude, he's caught several of my trades the last 2-3 months including Amazon last week where he made more in under an hour than what some people make in 2 or more weeks. I don't want jack from him, I just want to see him do well. I've provided him with certain tools/knowledge and he realizes you don't have to guess with the market, there's tools out there if used properly takes the guessing out of the market and you can have a very very high probability of a trade working out. It's not just been one sided, he's provided me w/ a lot of great info and things to think about, stocks he's watching, market conditions that I might not have thought about etc. It's really what I hoped the GDB would be, but taking it off RN, it's far far more valuable.

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