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Delusion post of the week

As I’ve stated before, I am on the MW boat. But the idea of conference alignment is being talked about anyway, and it’s offseason so get off my back, so here is the post regarding what the AAC should do. And by should do, it’s the option that I would hate the least!

The super conference has been brought up a number of times, but actually getting all the best teams from the G5 together sounds impossible. I would think the AAC would consider a MW/AAC super league though. The process is this.

Lets say the playoff expands to 8 teams. 5 P5 champion auto bids, 1 G5 top ranked, 2 at large. Not the worst expansion by any means! Now all G5s al least have a chance, but it’s 64ish teams for 1 spot. If you have a better league (AAC), you might just view this as the AAC getting a bid most years, but it’s certainly not guarenteed.

So how do they fix this? Well, the AAC isn’t P5, no matter what they say, but add all the mid-majors together from AAC and MW into an 18-team conference, and just sheer numbers means the conference champion should be worth a playoff bid.

20 just sounds too much, but 18 still sounds like a “sort of” regular conference. Two divisions of 9, play everyone in the division and regular 4 OOC. Won’t even see the other division unless you get to the conference championship.

Go to the table with this, say the other 3 subconferences don’t much of a shot, and ask for 5 P5 auto bids, AAC auto bid, and two at larges. So stepping over all the other G5 conferences. Not too nice, but hey, that’s college sports for you. Now it’s 18 teams for 1 spot, not 64ish.

So essentially, this just becomes the MW and the AAC have a game between the division winners to determine who goes to the cfb playoff.

From a logistic standpoint, things wouldn’t change too much for CSU in football.

Every year play:

Boise State, SDSU, UNLV, New Mexico, Air Force, and Wyoming.

Then add in Tulsa and SMU.

So hawaii, SJSU, fresno st, Utah State, and Nevada get dropped. And the two western most AAC teams get added. Not saying that’s the right teams. just hypothetical here.

Have that full conference, but make the “full” conference only a football/basketball thing, and essentially just let each division be its own conference for all other sports, with 9 teams apiece. Solves the regional travel for most sports.

This is the option I can almost get behind as a CSU fan, keeping much of our conference together, but get a much better shot at the playoffs, which would help with tv revenue as well.

Of course, the AAC and MW could make that agreement without expansion as well, just the winner of each conference plays each other and that winner goes to the expanded playoff. THAT would be my highest rated option. No changes really at all, just a play in game for the playoff. Only football thing. But that would require the hair to actually do something worthwhile so that’s not happening. AAC poaching and pulling strings honestly seems more likely to me, even though this is all delusional!

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