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How being critical on a message board helps

I don't think TC wrote that little rap but good if he is feeling some heat. That is why it's not good to be all positive all the time. We need to let coaches and players know we expect great things. We want to win and if we see deficiencies it's part of being a fan to point them out. In no way does just hoping everything is fine and seeing only good things has ever helped. Do coaches not criticize the players? That's all they do. They have to judge. Some people on this board act like Booing should be banned. Tony Robbins kind of goofy weird KoombaYah let's all hold hands and think positive weird vibes out of some. Until CSU wins at football there is no reason to be happy about anything until that changes. Last year did not show anything of moving in the right direction. So naturally some, maybe a lot have shown concern. One of the most if not the most important position is QB. And we had our starter leave when the new coach arrived. Also, the new guy was really not hitting the target. All criticisms have been based in reality. You can't say the same from the let's hold hands and sing happy songs crowd.

Posted: 05/17/2021 at 10:17PM


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