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Understood, but look at the trends. China's consumption continues to trend

sharply upward and while the per capita number might still have a gap between CH and the US, they have 3x the population so their gross consumption is still a major factor in global beef consumption. Plenty of data sources on that.

From my own experience, I've traveled to China many times between 2004 and 2019 and the difference in middle class consumer behavior is stark. In the 2004-2005 timeframe, only the top guys at our company and most companies in the Shenzhen area owned cars. I rarely saw locals dining out on their own; they only went to restaurants if their employer was paying. Even the professional-level employees would rotate the same 2 or 3 shirts and wear them multiple times each week. Contrast that with my more recent visits in 2018-2019 where locals routinely dine out, almost everyone above the direct labor force has a car (or at least one per family), and in general their spending habits on clothes, electronics, etc looks completely different. Americans go over there to shop for cheap knock-offs...my Chinese counterparts come over here to shop for top-quality, name-brand stuff. They have relatively created a highly consumeristic middle class that demands higher-end food, clothes, and all types of consumer goods (kinda like the US), and my point related to your original post is simply to state that beef consumption is not going anywhere - even if it levels off or declines in the US, China's consumption will keep growing.

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Posted: 05/18/2021 at 11:01AM


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