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BTW, some thoughts re Craig T.

IMHO, Craig T. has this chess game well figured out, and has had a keen Strategy mapped out all along for the MWC... at every major juncture & turn. But w/o a dire emergency/crisis facing the MWC survival our Prez's, they will never follow an AGGRESSIVE operational plan. They want to be collegial, go along & get along, and not make any egregious mistakes (that could cost them their reputation/career/etc).

IMHO, Craig T. is a very very adept Commish, and it is the MWC Prez's who have behaved like FOOL's.... which causes CT to look like a fool fairly consistently. That deal to "add BSU", "then not to add BSU", then "add BSU".... that was our glorious Prez's at their best. Then there was the "the MWC will never add schools w/o D1a Fball" (like Gonzaga & WSU) -- I believe CT once again had to salute the flag planted by the Prez's... just toooooo risky after the failure of the old AAC conference who had to split from their highly successful MBB programs!!!

I believe CT's ability was shown by CT's complex, swift & strong response when BYU engineered it's exit & torpedo of the MWC. CT corralled the decision-avoiding MWC Prez's and ruthlessly countered the BYU/WAc secret nuclear torpedo... with a response that both scared & amazed the Prez's. And CT's response was right-on... it destroyed that major BYU ally, and weakened BYU's Oly Sports options majorly.

Craig T. has had to salute the Flag when his Prez's vote together w/ resolve. And so I have great empathy for The Hair. Nobody here could do a better job w/ the MWC Prez's and their "hard decision avoidance" practices.

Just my thoughts.

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Posted: 06/02/2021 at 12:05PM


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