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Well, dang it we need to hold a couple of scholarships for those kids

in Bradenton, because I'm sure they are wanting to play in Colorado. Colorado is a recruiting priority for a number of reasons. You can't fill out a very competitive D1 roster from within the state, but you better go get the cream of the in-state crop. If you don't Wyoming and CU will, and use them to kick our ass. I know this, I've seen it happen, too many times.

When that future NFL'er comes around, you might want his high school coach to think highly of the CSU coach. It helps. There's a fair number of D1 starters in CO high schools. Enough that you need to make the state a priority. Especially since they tend to stick around instead of getting homesick. And yes, we also need to go out of state.

(In response to this post by SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP)

Posted: 06/08/2021 at 6:38PM


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