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Ain't gonna happen

I don't think Texas and OU bring enough $ to make it worth splitting with 2 more schools. Currently, the SEC has to split revenue 15 ways (14 schools plus the league offices). Add 2 more schools, and you have to split 17 ways. There has to be an increase in revenue to offset that. The SEC just signed a new TV deal in December. Unless there's a clause in there to renegotiate if the conference membership changes, then I don't see anybody going for this.

It's more likely that the sips and paperclips are shopping around for somewhere else to go, not necessarily just the SEC. They may be reaching out to other conferences as well. The Big12 is getting whooped by the SEC and B10 in $, championships, recruiting, draft picks, and just about any other metric. ACC is ahead of the Big12 too. ESPN and FOX declined to negotiate the B12 tv deal in May. They are definitely trying to find a way to increase their revenue, and the B12 is holding them back.

It's within the realm of possibility that TAMU leaked this. Now, TU and OU have to explain to the other 8 B12 schools why they want to get out of the GOR and ditch them. Maybe the SEC needs to consider other programs such as Clemson, FSU, etc. Maybe the rejection will sting that much more after the courting is made public.

Or maybe the sips leaked it today, during A&M's SEC media day just because that's the way they always behave.
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