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From what I understand

It is an alliance to counter the power of the SEC and ESPN.

What I mean by that, is these conferences do not want to see non-revenue sports gutted due to football, NIL, etc. They want academics to still matter in conference alignment. They think you can schedule strong and make your tv deals stronger without raping the conferences you are aligned with (so don't expect any stealing of conference members in these 3 conferences). Expect some specifics on scheduling partnerships very similar to what I outline below. And expect alignment on changes (or not) to the CFP (these conferences want to delay CFP expansion to 2026 so that ESPN doesnt have exclusive negotiation rights. They want FOX to be part of the conversation to take ESPNs control of CFB away).

Expect to hear that going forward, when there is room to schedule opponents, schools will be expected to schedule at least one team from each of the other two conferences. This creates 3 questions.
1) If you have a 9 game conference schedule and you have to schedule 2 games from the other 2, then you get either one game against an FCS or one against a G5. That can be really painful to smaller schools when there is one, not two revenue games teams can schedule. Any had already gone down this path but not all. So can hurt the G5 from a revenue standpoint.
2) If A5 games are between the 3 leagues, that seems to squeeze out games with Big12 and SEC. To me this is to the advantage of the Big12 as if/when they expand that could have a scheduling partnership with the SEC, likely to get the growing of that conference some legs, but would the Big12 want that when the SEC is the conference that took their big $ members?
3) Pac12 has 12 members not 14 like the Big10 and ACC. To have 1 to 1 scheduling you have to have 14 members, so does this mean the Pac12 is about to announce the addition of 2 new members? BYU football only maybe as one of them? Members of the Big12? CSU maybe? Even if the Big12 loses 2, I don't think that the rest would leave when they have the power to rebuild. That could create the addition of 6 to get back to 12 as opposed to 4. I can see CSU playing in there strongly.

Overall, 1 thing seems pretty clear to me, this alliance is probably bad for the G5. Likely less scheduling opportunities with G5. Potentially less likely the access to the CFP if expansion to 12. And it is likely to result in at least 4-6 top teams leaving their current G5 conference to move to the Big12 (maybe Pac12). I'm not sure yet if this will be bad for the Big12. Though they are obviously left out of the party here. If anything it probably reinforces their need to expand and start making decisions on their path forward sooner than later.

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