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If there's one thing I know about CSU, it is we will NEVER face reality

NAY! I say unto you now,

We shall continue to dream not only the big, impossible dreams, but also the highly unlikely to occur dreams, and sometimes just anxious stressful dreams like showing up for an important meeting or test naked and late which would never actually happen anyway!

We shall continue our often equaled prowess on the sporting fields, pitches, and courts in a manner worthy of national recognition, ...it might only be honorable mention recognition, and certainly not on our local news (no don't get us started there)... but recognition all the same!

NAY, I say! It's No Nay NEVER! (right up your kilt)

NEVER shall we witness and embrace the humdrum mediocrity of reality, for WE ARE CSU RAMS! If anyone ever deserved to surround themselves in a kingdom of our choosing, by god it is a CSU RAM!

We shall pretend to be fed the finest meats and cheeses in all the land! And we shall pretend to eat these fine meats and cheeses on a heated coach bus, which we shall refuse to leave rather than face a loss to those of lesser quality! And the lessers shall acknowledge our legal right to do so! And we shall even refuse to make up the game, but instead shall force the lessers to adjust their own damn schedule! And we shall say suck it buffies! And they shall so suck it!

NAY! We will NEVER face our reality! And we shall all await anxiously for our grand invitation by the Big 12 leftovers, who are now also busy surrounding themselves in their own fantasy lands of their own choosing! Yes, we are all brethren of different methren! Join us, they shall say! And for once, we shall say AYE, instead of NAY!

(In response to this post by SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP)

Posted: 08/24/2021 at 5:10PM


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