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I dont think its fair to blame the fans for the reason CSU is not and most likely will not ever be in a P5. There is so much at play. Prior to the playoffs, some say the BCS even, it was not as big of a disparity in the minds of voters, fans, players, etc to be P5 vs G5. In fact, the MWC had some good football that rivaled what much of the P5 was doing when CSU, Utah and TCU were all at their peak. BYU and Air Force played good football at times compared to national rivals and you can look all over the country and see this.
The faciliites game began in the late 1990s and neither of the intstittuions in Colorado was willing to do what it took to compete. The state legislature, the average citizen, donors, school presdients and fans were all to blame. For this reason CU and CSU both began to fall behind even if it took many years to show up on the field, which it eventually did for both schools.
With the advent of the BCS and then Playoffs the money became grand and sports admin professionals moved into the AD offices and worked with school presidents to maximize their own wealth and the wealth of their coaches above all else. CU and CSU got in on the game seeing all the money and we both made upgrades but it was too late by then. CU is fortunate. They were already in, are closer to Denver for perception, and have much better TV numbers in large part because they alread play P5 teams giving them better exposure. CSU is a second or third choice for household viewing in the TV market. Much of that due to playing in a coference that just is not very good and features no real marquee teams - believe it or not BSU and SDSU are not teams the average fan thinks about or tunes in to see if htey are not playing a P5 team or are in a bowl.

Most G5 teams will never get into P5 I think. Mostly because I think P5 will go away as a new level of semi pro like ball continues to emerge. College football is a mess and teams like CSU, who have a beautiful stadium, good location, and all the intangibles won't get a seat and that is a shame. College football was better when the bowls existed, it resembled college athletics and there was more parity. Those days are not coming back and it stinks but its not the fault of fans. Its the fault of greedy AD's, coaches and school presidents who made a big push and left those who didnt get on baord 20+ years ago behind.
I think CSU and schools like it would be so much better served to stay in their lane. Get their spending back in line and pay off debt. Work with other G5 schools to craft a good schedule, bowl alliances, great game day experiences that focus on football, family and students. Play cross country G5 teams and P5 teams out of confernce not smaller schols for the easy win. Create an atmosphere of good football with intersting teams playing each other. I stand by the G5 should create it own playoff, but if it wont do that it should at the very least create its own poll and ranking system.
Fans want to see good football against intersting teams, tailgate, reminisce and enjoy a fall afternoon. Focus on the game day experieence and on alma mater and the fans will be there and have fun win or lose - espeically if you manage to win more than you lose most years. Constantly clamoring to go to a level you wont be compeitive at, blaming fans, being pisssed and not enjoying what you have to me makes no sense. All you get by going to the P5 is a little more money -- guess what - they guys at the top will keep it, still spend more than they have, still beg for donations, and you likely will be less compeitive, will now just be mad you are not top 25 even though you are P5, and have no more fun than you have now.
I am glad CU got lucky and is in because I love that we play some big name schools. I hate though that our fans and all fans always want more than they already have and dont just enjoy going to college footrball and having fun anymore.
I think CSU is lucky In so many ways and you guys should be grateful. Go find the right coach and AD and focus on scheudling great OOC, winning the MWC, enjoying the fall and looking forward to a bowl. That would be a great win for most and there is no reason CSU in a few years can not do jsut that with the right leadership. Much easier hill to climb than the one faced by CU.

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Posted: 08/25/2021 at 1:49PM


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