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No, young man…

I’m older than you. I was a Sr. that year. I’m actually in a couple of scenes…white Jersey…not gonna give my jersey # because I don’t want rude e-mail or phone calls from an irate RN millennial. Lol

Hearing John Facenda’s voice really brought back memories. A lot of the brothers on the team laughed that a John Denver song wouldn’t get more brothers to Fort Collins. (Woke cried, save your venom. That is an accurate quote.)

The funniest thing I remember from the filming was everyone laughing at Coach Sark’s shorts, which he had never worn before filming. Sark was a genuinely nice guy. A lot of that stuff in the film was staged. Some of It was filmed by CSU film students… They asked us to wear our game unis for the “practice” which was actually staged on a Sunday.

Sark was a huge improvement over the guy who recruited me and others, Jerry Wampfler.

Yeah…no mention of Al Baker, Mark Mullaney or Mike/Mark Bell who all played well in the NFL.

You are right that’s so much that was wonderful in the Fort then no longer exists. Unfortunately, CSU and Ft. Collins has turned into “Boulder-lite.” Beamers have replaced pickup trucks, sadly. The vibe today is entirely different…perhaps as it should be. Back then, you could smell Monfort when the wind blew in from the East.

College Daze was the best ever. I actually water skied on the lagoon one year…mud bowl was a riot. (My wife of now 43 yrs played!) The Catacombs, Northern Hotel, and Potts were the best watering holes. The Stones played at Hughes in ‘75 or ‘76.

Games vs WYO and BYU actually meant something. I remember the fist fights that broke out in the stands at b-ball games against those miscreants.

I was on the team that finally beat ASU. We actually beat U of Ariz that year, too. All of that was long before anyone had even coined the phrase “UCB.”

I confess, it’s kind of hard for me to get emotionally involved with the current Admin regime and program. I have the feeling we’re trying to emulate the other 200 programs around the country because of some interchangeable AD script we’re following. We’ve kinda lost our cowboy Ag school grit. I wasn’t a Jack Graham fan when we were young, but I think he was exactly the right guy to be AD. Obviously, he got done in by the woke snowflakes who now run American universities.

So, take heart. You’re not the oldest geezer here.

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