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Marc Wilson…

That one still hurts. If I recall correctly, he was the third stringer that year, behind Giff Nielsen and some pr*ck named McMahon. Both Nielsen and McMahon were hurt…I recall…and we thought we’d eat Wilson’s lunch. It was his first start.

We didn’t eat his lunch. He ate ours. I think he threw for 300+ yards that day. 63-17. Total ass kicking. They schemed us brilliantly. LaVell was an offensive genius. Father of the modern NFL passing attack, says me. He always had about 6 slow white guys open on every play. (I’m kidding of course, but it seemed that way.)

Make no mistake, we despised a lot of the snarky little sh#ts from Provo. Most of them returned missionaries…but did they talk some vile crap on the field?!?!? You ain’t heard cussin’ ‘til you’ve heard a Mormon cuss. That, and grab your package or try to poke your eyes in a pile.

Jefferson? Good dude. Great WR. Great team. I actually don’t remember the specifics of that game particularly, other than we won. (Then again, I didn’t set foot one on the field that day. Probably why we won.) I got some measure of pleasure when we heard Frank Kush ripped them all a new one after we beat them. Then again, Kush was a mean [email protected]

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