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Some things to know about Big12 expansion

1. Kirby Holcutt (TT AD) will be leading the expansion committee. That is good for CSU when your AD's former boss is the lead of the committee. I can lean into that any day.

2. OU & Texas are still in the conference. Big12 rules require a super majority to make any changes this significant. With 10 conference members, that means you need 8 yes votes to expand. That means the 8 have to be unanimous in their selections or OU & UT politicing comes into play. That means OSU going to OU and saying "hey you dropped us like a sore thumb, the least you could do is vote who we want in" and that means the politics of the state of Texas comes into play. Does UT want another Texas P5 school in play to recruit against? Does OU? Does the money in Houston "buy" a vote with promises of UT sponsorships? Does a potential addition of Houston piss off Baylor, TCU & TT or do they want more representation in the state? Fact is, there is already talk of the expansion committee meeting with Texas governor Greg Abbott. He is a UT alumni. Pretty sure the state of Texas will bring in a lot more money with Houston in the Big12, but if the networks tell you that you will have the Houston market with or without them just based on the fact that you have 3 other Texas teams in the conference, suddenly maybe Houston isn't as attractive.

3. BYU has consistently had the most viewers in football of the G5 schools. In fact some of the highest in the country when playing good teams. They are a big fish the Big12 needs. But they are 1000 miles from the closest Big12 team. WVU is 700 miles from the closest and that has been a big pain in the butt for the Big12. Orlando's is closest to Morgantown, 900 miles. Point is, if you expand on an island, you better have a partner. Cinci is a no brainers for me because they bridge the gap for WVU. Memphis also does this. But BYU & UCF create other islands. BYU brings instant credibility and the Mountain time zone. So CSU is a great partner there to fill the bridge.

4. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat. What I mean by that is don't expect equal revenue sharing the minute a team enters the Big12. These 8 schools are gonna want concessions. Welp, here is my proposal... Average value of the teams currently in the Big12 is about $15MM. So let's say their next contract starts there. Every team that enters the Big12 gets $7.5MM, so 50% of the per team revenue with the value increasing 10% in per year for 5 years (60%, 70%, etc.) So 100% in year 6. So for a team like CSU, you are getting almost twice the $, the AAC teams start at a little more than they get now, but bigger raises every year. The left over half (and then 40%, 30%, and so on) of the revenue per team first goes to pay any necessary exit fees for joining the conference, and then goes into a slush fund for the conference to use on aggressive marketing efforts of the conference, etc. Basically it is used to help build the conference up, especially of those new teams that were just added.

Just some things to think about.

Posted: 08/27/2021 at 02:32AM


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