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The alliance is waiting the 5 years until it poaches. The Alliance is a response to the SEC power grab, and they do not want the SEC (or Texas and Oklahoma) to benefit from the collapse of the Big 12 thereby allowing those schools and the SEC to avoid payment of the F-you I'm outta here penalty. After that penalty has been paid, I anticipate that the Big 12 will collapse. (WVU to ACC, Kansas to Big 10, etc).

This may cause a larger shake up as well. Texas A&M left the Big 12 to get away from Texas, there seems to be some murmurings that the Big 10 may want in Texas (and Florida to expand TVs and recruiting), so A&M could make another lateral move to the Big 10, causing a huge shake up. The same murmurings have Florida as a target to the Big 10 as well, causing the SEC to raid Florida State and perhaps Clemson from the ACC. The bigs are not looking to add "mid majors" they want major majors, so the Big 12's contemplation of adding any schools that are not already in the selfish 5 is a sign of weakness and indication that it is a sinking ship.

Notably, the only conferences to add a non-major are the Pac and Big 12, which are widely regarded as well below the SEC and Big 10. Arguably, Utah was not a big stretch as it is the flagship university in the state. TCU on the other hand was and remains a curious move for the Big 12. Expansion into non-majors did not work out well for the Big East. Kansas, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State do not want to play against directional Florida schools, Boise or even BYU, they will bolt at the earliest opportunity after getting their money from Texas and Oklahoma.

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Posted: 08/27/2021 at 12:28PM


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