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Why our OL was overwhelmed... step #1 to fix it.

I'm going to ask you 3 Q's to think about: (I already asked BBallingRam below for his thoughts)
1) Are some of our OL "too heavy to move effectively"?
Our OCenter seems to rarely reach his man on Blitzes & other blocks requiring movement of more than 2 yards (which results in several blow-ups by the D). Same w/ Isiah. Less so w/ Picozzi (who also looked rather stiff in his motions). These same Fat Boys also seem to lack any Velocity at their points of attack instead get stuffed faaarrrrr too often. Especially 4th & short situations.
ON THE OTHER HAND -- Keith Williams (now about 30-40lbs lighter and still has those huge feet to try to move quickly & control) had one of his best games ever! Wesley maintained his 305lb body and is able to have a quick 1st step & seems able to move effectively to engage his defenders.
ALSO -- was I seeing it right that the SDSU OL none were Fat Boys like ours?

#2) Is it un-smart OR smart. to constantly Substitute & Move-around our OL players thru a game? Especially vs. an "B+" level front 7 who's very experienced at executing & playing together? Maybe this is just early season trials & errors attempting to get things right??

IMHO, this contributed to FAAARRRRR too many OL screw ups!

Should Ram Coaches STOP this Bull Shit of trying to seemlessly move guys around to play multiple positions!!!
Should Rams find your starting 5 or 6 and play them with any Subs being 1 guy for another at 1 position. Don't take Wesley from Lft tackle & move him to Rt OG. Same w/ Picouzzi. Etc.

#3) I watched a C+ level (talent wise) SDSU OL, that have played at least 16 games together as 1 UNIT, who never swapped positions like our OL, who were rarely Sub'd for and they tore our front 7 a new butt-hole.
How? mostly by being fully knowledgable, disciplined & able to out-execute and take advantage of our F-7. When an OL knows precisely what they're doing (and what their fellow guys are doing), they can play far more aggressively & quickly... thus making them look farrr better & even more athletic.

Do you think our OL needs to settle into the same consistent 5 players for the Starting Unit, with a minimal number of Subs coming in only for 1 position, and only when needed??

Do you think maybe our OL Guru's (SA & LA) could learn a thing or 2, about a thing or 2 from the SDSU OL Gurus??
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