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General Broncos and Rams (CSU) observations

Broncos are legit and I'm not some fan. Good team all around, they'll be a tough out. More importantly, they handed the keys (offensively) to someone that knows analytics (and left Fangio to do what he does best, coach D). Stay in your lane Vic, and that team might just do something.

Denver went for it on 4th down 3 times today…in the first half! Vic never would’ve done that last year. He would’ve punted and hoped his D could keep him in the game; it's his DNA. And the opposing coaches -- who assuredly know his tendencies -- would’ve taken advantage of it.

Thank the new GM, Paton.

This isn't the 85 Bears or Bill Parcels anymore; that stuff doesn't work like it used to. Rules have changed, the game's different. Vic is lucky to be an NFL HC at this point. The multitude of mistakes last year would make a great presentation of how to get beat.

But here's the thing. Paton took care of the glaring weaknesses and DID SOMETHING to fix it. And it was more than evident; in ONE game.

So, what does that say about Parker and Addazio? No, this isn't the NFL, but that also shouldn't be yet another excuse. How much time do you need to fix the obvious? Was 6 months and tape not enough? Clearly, after two games/evidence, it wasn't. It's always the same excuses and we buy it every year, no matter the coach. What is wrong with us? Too nice maybe?

Whoever was calling the shots for Denver today, knows numbers. It's not even that ballsy, it's more of an understanding of percentages, research and going with it. And with that, came a win, going away.

The Broncos still have a ways to go, obviously, but at least Paton is turning the tide. No question, the guy is on top of it. Great hire, who waited to move his family to a super desirable local. He knows the foothills of the Rockies are a fantastic place to live. And yet we've landed the likes of Mike Bobo, some BC leftover and an AD who doubled down on the most inept HC we've ever seen, while it was clear as day to see he was in way over his head. Where is the accountability?

We have yet another coach who is collecting checks to take back east with him, while we keeping buying the BS of it being a "process", yet again. I see no evidence of such, just more spiraling down.

Here we are with another year of good ol' Joe Parker and his "leaning in" BS. And another conservative coach who can't even grasp clock management??? Watching it, you knew the mistakes were coming. Why keep backing this shit?

Parker flailed with Bobo -- the extension was an early burial of CSU, and still without consequences -- and now it's happening all over again. The first two games alone, display a wealth of evidence that we are going nowhere, fast. Actually, bottom ten in the country is knocking on our program door. Enjoy the death knell.

This, after a $1/4 billion infusion and a University and destination that is Fort Collins, Colorado. Awesome state with a truly great town and community that nobody outside of it has a clue about. But they know Boise! The Fort is actually an easy sell, especially nowadays, but all we have is cow pies, in the nation's eyes. It's beyond unacceptable, and this charade of leaning in and hope has to stop.

We have the toymaker from Rudolph at one end, and a lineman from Central Connecticut at the other, getting crushed by some of the worst programs in the entire countryat home, in a fantastic new stadium. The path is still the same, nowhere-land, just substitute the excuses.

And who here is thinking it's going to finally change (without drastic measures?

How do fans, who give so much, and for such a great school and town/community, continue to put up with it? Joe Parker has run this ship aground. We tried to dig out. Yet here we are again. Awful decision-making usually comes with consequences. Not at CSU.

Nice-guy or whatever (just like nice-guy Bobo, long gone with all the money that Parker mistakenly doled out), but where does that get us? In a big hole we may now never get out of. And both of them will be nowhere near Fort Collins in the end. Neither will rah-rahDazio. He'll be on the first train back east once he's done putting the dirt on the grave Joe and Bobo dug.

What's hardest to fathom is, where did this patience thermometer -- longer than a drive through the Mojave Desert after getting crushed in Vegas -- come from?

CSU is a punching bag. We should either mail it in completely or get some real leadership that isn't here collecting some checks at a cush pit stop.

Clean house, like once and for all. We do have a nice one finally, thanks to Jack, so there's still a chance. But enough is enough, this is disastrous in its current state/hands.

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