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I understand it. The article said 14000. Did you read it?

You guys use it day in and day out to justify the failures of boulder, Denver etc.

I focus on the actual 267 vs 30 or 884 vs 30 and put my concern where it's deserved. That's deaths Newps. Dead people. I know you want to justify those deaths in boulder and denver and give them a good ol slap on the back for the excellent job, then turn around and chastise Moffat over 30 deaths - over 18 months and the 2 hospitalizations last week.

You do you. That's all your good at.

84000 people in Denver vs 1400 in Moffat. That's covid cases.

You do realize the % of deaths in the country has been right around 2% the entire time? That holds true from red to blue states. Kinda kills you guys theory huh?

Or is that not a good 'per capita' number for you?
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