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Geezuz dude. You are full of shit. And yet you defend NY.

While blaming Florida, Texas, SD etc. New York's numbers are the highest of all states yet you're still on your knees for them. Come up and take a breath and wipe your chin off.

You've went from deaths to hospitalizations to now "common sense actions".

Dude. Suck it up, the final measure is death rate and it varies little from state to state and mandate to no mandates. The only thing that seems to be fleshing out from the data is the health rates of states as evidenced by Colorado and Oregon - both very healthy states. Vs Mississippi, which ranks year in and year out with being the least healthy.

New York has the most strict mandates and has since day 1, don't feed us the BS about it caught them early. Their numbers are the highest that I ran with the most mandates and restrictions. FACT. End of story. That's a blue state - ran by a crook and you're still defending them and point fingers at Texas and Florida, that statistically are equal to California and Illinois with hardly ANY mandates and certainly no mask mandates. That alone should tell you everything you need to know. It doesn't matter. +/- 2% death rate after getting it and that isn't statistically different across the states I pulled up. Red or Blue.

(In response to this post by Newport)

Posted: 09/15/2021 at 10:28PM


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