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The good, bad, and ugly from Iowa City

Good: Our front 7 is playing like we all expected looked great yesterday!
Our DB's actually turned around and looked for the football yesterday massive improvement gotta give credit where it's do.
Nice to meet Chorizo and his wife yesterday we had company seats for the game so didn't get to see other Ram fans, but plenty in attendance which was nice to see!!
McBride Brothers man it's nice to have some kids from the farm at an Ag school that play their hearts out. Maybe like Sonny we should recruit more of these kids!!
What a beautiful day for football can't get much better then the weather we had yesterday.
Feel slightly better about Addazio he had them ready to play which was a good step! See below though it ain't all good!

Bad: Our QB can't throw it accurately past 5 yards and that hasn't changed since last year no matter what Addazio and his son on this board say. He's a D-1 gadget guy not a QB!
Our O-line is fat and out of shape. When athletes get serious like Iowa when they need to get a yard they got killed pushed back 2-3 yards every time. Our O-line is full of transfer second stringers and it shows. Will be interesting to see what Addazio can do with his freshmen recruits.

Ugly: Play calling just absolutely sucks if Toddy sucks that bad we need another option. Down 10 we still ran or short passed like we were up 20. The offensive philosophy in today's game is just troubling. What kid is going to want to play this crap on offense?

I started to see signs, but we got a lot of good seniors and no QB. Next year we have no QB and we lose a ton of talent on this D. I hope last chance U JC's have some guys who can help because we will need it!!

Last but not least it's really painful that the majority of this country has no idea what a great University CSU is and that's because our front porch is a mess bottom line. I really hope this changes, but its a long road ahead. Going to the AAC would be a huge mistake in that regard I think also without anyone but AF. That means if Boise and others not going they are either Big 12 bound or smarter then us.

Posted: 09/26/2021 at 12:16PM


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