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There are direct ways to P5 and indirect ways to P5.

I really don't think this was a hard decision (which is good given that Junior Joe and Woke Joyce are our heralded leaders). SDSU and/or Boise are bolting the first chance they get (they were in the friggin' Big East for a few weeks at one point for crissakes). The MWC has no replacements which will allow it to maintain status quo with the AAC because of that simple fact. We left before the ship went down. Who are they replacing us with? FCS teams? UTEP? Northern Colorado? The MWC IS DEAD. Now we have the spotlight on us and our beautiful stadium and a TV market that people want. Time to win. If we do this and don't win? None of it matters. We deserve to be tossed into the garbage heap of college football. Now? The spotlight is on us. We didn't wait. We left. Now it's time to win and take advantage of that spotlight for when the next phase of expansion takes place. That's the LT view and it doesn't seem as difficult to figure out as some here suggest. Our ship was sinking, brother.

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Posted: 09/28/2021 at 3:00PM


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