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Sleeping Giant

After robbing Sonny of his talent by failing to support his genius, CSU has since been the most proactive athletic department in the conference since letting him go. Kind of like closing the barn door after all the horses got out.

However, look at what his success and resulting poor treatment have gotten us. Commitment that was never seen at CSU before. I'm not sure it still lives today, but it has become institutional enough that it won't just go away.

Jack Christenson complex
New aquatic facilities
In progress Soccer and Softball complex with fan amenities
Coaching salaries that Sonny should have seen, but among the best in conference
Academic, nutritional, and training support for the athletes that is top of the class
I'm forgetting some, you add them.

That's why I'm saying "sleeping giant". At some point, this all pays off. Look at SDSU. They were among the bottom of the league, then made the commitment, and are now the most P5-ready school in the MWC. We're on the verge of being the cream of the crop. The commitment has been made. The right coaches (we're getting there) and more excellent recruiting and we become the athletic department we all dream of. Hang tight, it's going to get good soon. It might just start with the rest of this football season, but I'm really excited about the CSU brand come BB season. We're on track.

Posted: 09/30/2021 at 03:14AM


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