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Not sure if it makes me laugh or makes me sad when I see people "giving up"

on CSU because of this and because of that and I'm taking my money elsewhere and fill in your own whine here.

Do I hate that CSU is not great in football? Yes

Do I hate that CSU is not moving on to a P5 conference? Yes

Do I hate that CSU is incompetent at so many things? Yes

That said, will I ever give up CSU? No. I wouldn't care if we got into the SEC or into the RMAC, CSU is family. You don't give up on family. It is why I am married to my wife, another alum. It is why I have most of my friends. It is why my nephew is now an alum. It is why my daughter loves Cam the Ram, Nico, Roddy, and especially Bisi. It is why as soon as we get to the outlets in Loveland, she knows exactly where we are going. It is why we throw the tailgates that we do. Because it is family. It isn't about the wins and losses, though wins do make it better. It isn't about our opponents. It is about CSU, about Fort Collins. This is what makes me sad, why the vocal minority here, do not have that feeling for CSU.

Posted: 09/30/2021 at 10:19AM


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