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GET THE EFF UP!! Home Coming GAME DAY!! Noooiiicceee!!!! Beat SJSU!!

so here we are...1-3 after a BYE Week....The Spartans of San Jose State University are in town!

Home Coming.....time to streak the intramural fields, remember you're older now, stretch, shotgun 1 beer not 3, that tweety bird tattoo on the old girlfriend's back side is now a condor, and things may jiggle alittle bit more! ENJOY!!! LMGDFAO!!!!!

Our fearless Leader....Good Shep....this weekend is for you! Thanks for all you do, and congrats on receiving the Spirit Award.

Your efforts over the past 20+ years that I've known you - amazing all the things you've done, not only with this outlet of Ramnation.com and Ramnation Radio, but all the donation efforts from you personally, and all the coordination to get Ramnationers to donate to various causes over the years.

We are all humbled and are honored to say we know you - again, Congrats!!

I can tell you - if it weren't for Ramnation.com and stumbling over the website one day at work 20+ years ago, I would've never donated, joined the Ram Club and purchased season tickets, let alone gather all the old guard for tailgates at Hughes back in the day. Freeging Shep....i'm getting sentimental - JoeyB Tearing up this AM!!! LOL!

Ok....to the Game - SJSU - they are good, they are more consistent, should Addazio and his staff win this one? Of course....we all have a bad taste in our mouths...the used car salesman schtick is growing old, just need to suck it up, win and send SJSU back home.

offense..Not liking our QB play....i know we played Iowa "tough" but i have a feeling Iowa was overlooking us and concentrating on their next opponent. We are becoming 1 dimensional with TE, McBride, gonna get his stats and his TDs, Receptions, Targets, etc.....but man, you'd think MW teams are just going to adjust and realize Centeio can't really throw and double up on McBride. Centeio - has some running ability - but every time he pulls the ball down, and takes off - I just hope and pray he doesn't get lit up. Ya know it's gonna happen.

Defense - looking ok, getting some momentum, almost seems our team plays up or down to the competition. I honestly still believe - Vanderbilt....we should have won that game by 2 TD's, and we played down to them and our team seemed to believe that program was a legit SEC opponent. BAD BAD LOSS!

Special Teams...still pisses me off at times, yeah i know we had that nice return for a TD, but overall, we are just Average on ST's. Stonehouse - MVP. that says it all right there....field position will be the Rams way to victory in the MW schedule. We can't score - we have a decent defense, punting game is A+, just gotta find a way to score.

HomeComing Weekend -
LaQuinta's and Quality Inn's walls will be shaking, don't bother knockin' if the walls are rockin'.......put another roll of quarters next to the vibrtating bed......GAME ON!!!!

Enjoy the weekend reminising of all the good times on campus, your dorm, old town, etc....break out the Marlboro Lights and the Parliament Lights - it's gonna be a gorgeous weekend, weather wise and activity wise here in FtC.

Hoops Scrimmage at Moby....The Football Game....the Women's soccer game on Sunday Morning, attend hungover and with bloody mary's.....CSU missed a golden opportunity for the Women's soccer game. Should've have set up a courtesy tent next to field with Breakfast, Bloody MAry Bar and get some extra peeps to the game. Free drink and Free Breakfast would get some to attend besides Chorizo! LMGDFAO!!!!!

I just got smoke signals from Swoll Cracker....he's putting on his 1980's shorts over sweatpant look going and headed out to Moby....he's gonna put on a full court press on a bag of Twizzler's and a 3 liter of Diet Root Beer.

I just got smoke signals from ThreeRamNight to the south....he packed up the Carton of Marlboro Reds, Protein Shakes and 25 pounds of meat to cook at tailgate.

I just got smoke signals from Chorizo in Parker....."hey Joey, Bon Jovi sucks, and the Rams Win!"

I just got smoke signals from Shep on Mulberrry at the LaQuinta...."hey Joey, I ran out of quarters at the LaQunita on Mulberry!, can you get me a roll of quarters....room 69" LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got smoke signals from NateDiggs in Washington DC..."hey Joey, i went camping and i got this rash, how do i get rid of it?" LMFAO!!!!

I just got smoke signals from West Fort Collins, Qears...."hey Jbad, I'm at MaxLine Brewing on Mason....I just watched President McConnell do a keg stand with the Golden Poms...it's gonna be a good day!"

Well...that's all i got this morning - welcome back to town all youse traveling in from out of state or town.....enjoy your time in Fort Collins, and be safe!

RAMS 28 Spartans 27

take care..

Posted: 10/09/2021 at 08:56AM


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