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Homecoming Weekend

Hoops Scrimmage observations (read Swoll's blog for details). But I noticed Chandler Jacobs, stud, confident, long arms, huge get. Liked Baylor Hebb. Looks like he can play. Jalen Scott, future star? Rivera, Tonje look improved. Jennissen significantly taller then everyone on the court. Has to be a legit 7 footer. Need Moors next level this year. Overall, team appears stronger. Mostly man bodies out there and then there's Roddy...

At Canvas, crowd great, lines not so much. Saw some frustration from casual fans. I get it. It's an issue getting inside and at concessions for sure. Ramnation has some good ideas to help the situation.

Concourses are wide enough if the lines didn't get in the way and people would stay in their seats and watch the game instead of just walking around. It's a 2021 problem a lot of people have at sporting events. Walking around.

Ramwalk Tailgate is cool and really popular. Hint: Smartly got our ID check and wristband out there opposed to waiting in a long line inside.

I-25 from Ft.Collins south is a never ending construction mess, although traffic moved pretty well for me this time in both directions.

Despite cries from some, you can tell that the Athletic Department has been trying really hard to raise the level of the game day experience on campus. It shows. Gone are the days of dirt, dust, cracked concrete, broken bleachers, traffic jams and troughs in the old, small time (nostalgic) atmoshere of Hughes Stadium.

Just win Rams.

Posted: 10/12/2021 at 1:05PM


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