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Agree 100%

To be honest. It is far more embarrassing to me how fans and the media have treated Addazio in this than what he actually said. What happened happened but fans and the media decided to be our own worst enemy in it and that didn't have to be the case. Now there is controversy and national distraction that didn't need to be there when you are going up against a team we have never beaten. Now the pressure on the STs unit players who have consistently made mistakes versus Boise in the past is significantly higher than it needed to be. Now the minute there is any kind of issue on STs on Saturday, and there will be because there is with every team, it will be a mountain when it should just be a molehill.

I'm not an Addazio fan. He isn't the guy I wanted for the job. But there are things I like about him. There are things he is doing that we have desperately needed for a while. There are things I'm very hopeful of. And there are things I don't like and wish he was much better at. But no matter what, he is the HC of my Rams, he knows way more about football than I will ever know, he is well respected by some of the top coaches in the country, and he deserves to be treated with the same dignity we would give any other coach. To be honest I feel bad for him because he got the least welcoming welcome to CSU that any head coach has ever received because some people had in their head that a coach that has never been a coordinator, let alone HC, would be better, and because of how the previous coach who Addazio likely has never even met, treated some players. It is really disappointing that this is who so many fans have become. And maybe even more sadly, I'd we beat Boise and then go bring home the Boot, all of these people that made this big deal about it will be silent and try to pretend like nothing ever happened.

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Posted: 10/26/2021 at 6:26PM


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