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Basketball loss' silver lining - football, AD, Fans & power of words

The silver lining of the loss to SDSU is Ramnation did not have much time or emotional capacity to complain about our incoming DC's showing just a few hours before.

I fully support the DC and hope he does well. One bad showing on national TV does not define him, or or basketball team.

I could not be happier that we have a young DC moving up in ranks from a national championship finals team. The ability to get into that game is amazing and demonstrates the talent and quality. As does an 11-0 basketball team. One of 3 teams to be undefeated 24 hours ago demonstrates the talent and quality of the team. 11-1....That is really good!

I appreciate what we have, who we are, and what we can become. Basketball is moving in the right direction. That is what matters. If you "demand" that CSU to be duke, or Kentucky or whomever, then please go root for those teams. Don't complain about ours when they are in the top 10%-20% of all basketball teams. Is our talent level that of a Duke? Not at all. But the talent level of our recruits seems to continue to improve each year and the coaching staff is able to make the most of the talent they recruit.

Football is being put back on the tracks after multiple train wrecks over the last 2 decades. The whole 3rd down on Defense locomotive whistle in the stadium is very telling of our program's recent history.... Bold moves have been made to move the program in the right direction. We will see what we can do, and yes, it is a we. This is yet another new start. We are there to cheer and support, not complain as we start up again. We wanted the restart, we asked for the restart. We need to support the restart. Recruiting seemed to improve immediately after hiring the new coach. The coach seems to be good at developing players. I look forward to the potential of the next few years.

Enjoy the ride ramnation. It comes with ups and downs. That is part of the fun! Basketball has had way more ups than downs over the last 3 years. Enjoy it. Football has had way more downs than ups for a long time.... enjoy that our AD has made a concerted effort to improve our football program.

Speaking of our AD... Forgive past mistakes, we all make them.... He only made 2 mistakes (maybe only 1) in coaching decisions that I can think of. Extending Bobo, but Bobo did have a good offense at the time and was being considered for coaching positions by larger schools at the time. Nobody wanted to have a repeat of McElwain leaving which clouded out judgment, but his decision to extend was understood and prudent at the time. Only later did we have the benefit of hindsight. So I give him a push on that. Hiring the Dud, that was not good, but I am not sure that was completely his decision, and he has shown to have learned from that mistake. Good rule of thumb is don't hire a coach that got fired for not being able to win. He has done well with other coaching decisions.

I know you of you are upset by him calling out our fans... but he has a point. Set your feelings aside and take a look at our fans behavior. Take a look at this forum. He is not wrong. I have heard some horrible things from fellow CSU "fans". It is the worst thing about being a CSU fan, worse than any losing season or beat down handed to us on national tv. We complain about our teams chocking at big moments. CSU fans have a tendency to chock even harder in the fan version of that, we seem to choke as a fans base almost every time. Except maybe for yesterday's basketball game. I would say a majority of Ramnation has been supportive overall, which is refreshing to see.

The power of words.......The old adage of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is wrong. Yes we feel we should be mentally tougher than to let words have such an effect on us. I am the last one to be PC on words, terms and new terms and different interpretations of the definition of existing vocabulary. BUT.....I don't think one of us can honestly say that another person did not make an impact on our lives with their words (written or verbal), both negatively and positively. I know it to be true with me. I know it to be true with my family, friends, and co workers. I am sure it is true with you..... so please think about that before any of us lose it emotionally and take our frustrations out by lighting up some player, or coach, or friend, or spouse, or sibling, or kid, or parent, or fellow ram, or co worker, or...... human.

Before you get to judgmental on my power of words paragraph above...... Understand that I firmly believe that actions are more powerful that words.

We get to choose both our actions and words.

Posted: 01/09/2022 at 1:41PM


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