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Northern Utah... did not know how nice it is....

Kid was at Utah St on Monday... Logan is gorgeous... had no clue. Campus was nice as well... we have a better football stadium by a mile... but it is a nice college town. Came in from Kemmerer, Wyoming thru Bear Lake down through Cache Natl Park... Gorgeous limestone cliffs... everything was green. Never had been here before.

Took the kids to the Bingham Mine yesterday... this is the first year tours have been open in some time... I think since the high wall collapse back in 2013. Last time I stopped to look was in 2011. Pit has definitely grown in size... looks like they will be slicing off more of the walls based upon location of exploration and blasting hole drills. I get the bad parent of the month award... saw a piece of ore grade rock on the other side of a fence... had youngest kid crawl through and grab it! He was never in danger...
Still in SLC today for another college football camp that wanted to see the kid.

Posted: 06/08/2022 at 12:00PM


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