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The good news is... our Staff (& WSU Staff) knows our OL is CSU's #1 issue

FACT --- one doesn't place an outta-synch, inexperienced, young, injury patch-worked, struggling OL on the field vs. a P5 Defense (much less one who's DC was JN's guy for 3 yrs), and not expect to get mauled. I know most of you understand this concept... others are just in angry disbelief.

Lets go thru the Starting OL that played pretty much all game:
#75 Gardner UNR xfer & Captain, moved from OC, back to LT for this game, where he played for UNR. This transition is not free of hiccups nor is it an immediate pickup where u left off positional switch. Give Gardner 2-4 more games before he's back near his peak as OT.
#74 Bivens -- 3rd start for CSU, in 1st season under Bill Best. He's huge, still learning & slow.
# 72 Dirk Nelson -- 1st start ever & it was at the very complex OC position, in 1st season under BBest.
#50 Snively -- 1st Start for CSU, 1st yr under BBest.
#67 Davis -- UNR xfer & most experienced OL guy at his current position, and w/i the BBest OL scheme's.

Add to the above issues >>> #1) our struggling OL & O just faced JN's former DC ... who knew JN's offense like back of his hand... and knew fairly consistently what was coming on the next Down.

#2) Mumme had to call a very standard game vs WSU -- because he had to keep it vanilla due to our Young OL.

#3) And WSU's DC was fully ready w/ perfect D's in place to stifle our O & OL. In addition our young Offense likely tipped Mumme's play-calls's off a few too many times via give-aways.
#4) Add that our best & most experienced RB;s were injured, adding to Pass Pro issues & Run Game issues.
#5) I wouldn't doubt that some hand signals were read/interpreted by the WSU D staff as well. OK, pretend I didn't say this...

And I'm not posting this to create conspiracy theories & WHINE!!! Just trying to help our most irate RN Fans understand why our Rams Offense was sooooo thoroughly stuffed/pounded/
overwhelmed by WSU's D. Lets see if WSU's D ever has such a dominant game similar to this one again in '22.

BTW my OL impressions:
Snively looked even better than last week! I like this kid.
Dirk looked lost at times, but shows the ability to be quite good (his snaps are rookie-erratic at times). Still, I like this kids ability to block & slide!
Gardner looked reasonable & knowledgable at LT -- he will only get better.
Davis looked good again... which is expected.
Bivens is a huge man... lots of mass to try to change directions, while learning to synch w/ his teammates.

Expect to continue to get our Offense buttocks kicked ... until our OL fills our personnel gaps, gains expereince & gets in-synch. Hard to bear, but these are the facts of what Daz accomplished w/ our OL's progression (or di-gression).

Defense is another issue... more on that later. patience fellas!!!
We may not be very fast, but at least we don't know what we're doing consistently. Maybe this is why we aren't very fast???

Posted: 09/20/2022 at 7:00PM


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