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Or, and give me some rope here, I could chuckle at the prospect of someone

completely missing the point of my post. If it is indeed a WWJD discussion you are looking to have, I'm not going to be a great dance partner due to the simple fact that I feel nearly every time religion is used as a scale for current events it is a reductionist exercise that leads only to proclamations and judgments levied by those who are of questionable moral authority to do so. Hence we come full circle back to my original post of Matthew 7:1-4 (or James 4:12 if you prefer a more direct statement about your "who am I to judge").

The Bible is a bit like silly putty, it can be stretched and molded to fit nearly any cause or even a crusade, but sometimes it can also be fashioned into a weapon to beat another down. Ample evidence of this surrounding other topics such as abortion, sexual orientation, gender, etc.

If you would have framed this discussion void of the theological aspect, I likely wouldn't have replied at all. I don't see what Abbot and DeSantis are currently doing in a favorable light and the Biden administration's utter disregard for the border does not constitute adequate justification. That said, I'm not going to use a minefield like the Bible to try and back that up as I'd probably just get a smartass like myself using it against me if I did.

(In response to this post by TD Elvis)

Posted: 09/21/2022 at 6:14PM


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