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Holy crap, never in my life have I heard anyone claim they haven’t

Lost money when they admit to buying an asset like a stock HIGHER than what it’s worth RIGHT NOW. Hahahahaha

If you were to buy a house, or an investment property, you’d list your stocks at a figure where YOU THINK they’d be at 10 years from now? Hahhahaha that’s an interesting strategy there bud.

If you had to liquidate your stocks for whatever reason, you’d say no no no! I want the price where I THINK it’ll be at 10 years from now?! Hahaha nice strategy again..

You’ve lost 20%+ on your stocks, admit it. And you’re fine with doubling down, or tripling down or whatever it maybe, hence gambling.

You probably bought PTON at $160 because you loved the hot chicks on those bikes… under what, $8 bucks now? Lol

But you do you, last time I checked, I’m not married to you, nor do you owe me money.

When I mentioned knowledge earlier, it didn’t ring a bell with you.. there are various ways you can invest where it takes the gambling (throwing money out there praying it goes up in X time like you) and take that knowledge, apply it so it’s as predictable **as possible**

Like I said, last time I checked, we’re not married, nor do you owe me money, so good luck.

(In response to this post by nateDiggsCSU)

Posted: 09/22/2022 at 10:17PM


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