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Get the Eff Up!!!!!!!!!! ALOHA!!!! LFG!!!!!!!! Week 7 in Canvas!
After listening to Shep's IMMEDIATE REACTION PODCAST from last week's homecoming game - i just saved $$$ on therapy.

The IMMEDIATE REACTION podcast was one for the ages....i was crying, not laughing, but crying because i could genuinely feel Shep's pain.

Shep breaking out the Columbia, Missouri reference, the "Freaking" reference, not FREEGING, just "freaking".....PG13.

Shep's voice was more horse after the homecoming game than his first time seeing Toad The Wet Sprocket live back in 1995! LMGDFAO!

Shep's Guess, estimate of "35,000" for attendance is amazing....it was 35,009. Shep is now the "Carnac" of Canvas! Signed Johnny Carson.

The product stinks, we've all had a decade of fails, heartbreak and glimpses of hope - but here we are - talking into microphones on i25 South at midnight driving home to Denver Metro. LMGDFAO!!!!!

Almost 27 minutes of heartache and pain of the past 20+ years of bad CSU Football in that podcast - Shep - we all owe you a debt of gratitude for this web site, this content and this outlet to complain, applaud and debate.

Now....enough ass kissing to my boy Shep - onto Hawaii.
I may need 3 edibles to get thru this pillow fight. 50-49 type of game? or a punting clinic? 20-19 type of game?

Chorizo now pounding out his meat.....pork shoulder that is for the smoker.....GATA!!!!! Mike - we all love you and all of our thoughts are with you and your family - Condolences on your Father's passing.

Shep...well he is so exhausted after a weekend in Missouri followed by a weekend in Fort Collins - but making the trek again around e470 to i25N.....Shep has so much windshield time, he know all the pot holes in construction zones on i25N and i25S. Look fwd to another INSTANT REACTION podcast. Maybe...."From the BackSeat, with Shep and Cammie" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a Sirius Channel in the making.

ThreeRamNight....well, he's purchased more armor all for his tires and plastic that he may run out of money for smoking his own meat.....wait, did i just type that? I meant....he may not fire up the smoker, meat prices outta control...."I DID THAT!!" Signed Joe Biden.....hahahahahahahahahahaha!

NateDiggs in the DC Metro Area.....he's so busy killing mice in his crib -he is looking to recipes on how to cook/smoke mice now! LMGDFAO!!! Hey Nate....you need to post the Mice Caper in your home - Youtube would go crazy!

Qears....well....he is so pissed at the state of CSU Football that he has invited all of Ramnation to MAXLINE BREWERY - "If the Rams Offense scores more than 2 TDs, beers are 25% more!!" LMGDFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there QEARS, the Air Raid sirens will blare thru FtC in 2 years!

ElDiablo - he's so happy that Hoops season is starting, he may babysit Farokhmanesh's kids! hahahahaha!

RamMaster - he's so happy that hoops season is starting that he doubled down on his HOT YOGA sessions - he needs to look svelt on TV - HDTV adds 25 pounds...not just 20! that's why JoeyB never sits with RamMaster....i take up the whole screen! LMGDFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SwollCracker.....he's just happy it's hoops season once again, well....just beacuse! LOL! His new SUV now will look like a Chik Fil A drive thru garbage can, and his Twizzler intake will increase 10 fold......SwollCracker and CSU Hoops at Moby, cannot wait for the recaps!

Have a Fantastic Gameday Everyone, enjoy the day Denziens!

CSU 20 Hawaii 19

CSU -5.5
OVER/UNDER 46.5 -- at the VERY LEAST, take the UNDER

Posted: 10/22/2022 at 09:17AM


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