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So if it turns out Trumpster can't run for President....

do the Dems tell Biden to NOT run and send a younger candidate to the lions? (press/media/debates)
After Trump.....the Republicans pool - well not too strong for a "on the fence" voter to vote for someone like DeSantis/Vivek ticket? Or DeSantis/Haley ticket?

I don't think Biden can "last" another 4 years. Or...i don't think the party can hide/shelter him the way they've done in this first term. If Dems send Harris to run for President....no way in hell she gets a win.

My point...i think Biden is all the Dems have right now to run unless something drastic happens with Biden....don't think that is a good thing in all honesty given the latest blunders and videos of him in Hawaii.

2024 gonna be interesting for sure. just my 2 cents.

I'm not a Biden fan.....not a Trump fan - just think new blood is needed to spark the country and get us back.

Vivek....seems like a Trump wannabee.....snake oil sales guy and some pretty FAR RIGHT philosophies. DeSantis....in over his head on stage the other nite, but could become more confident.
Haley....she's pretty strong.....experienced and I actually could see her beating Biden potentially. Would be interesting if she rises in the polls if a DeSantis/Haley ticket might emerge as a Republican Ticket. I think she would destroy Harris in a debate.

just my 2 cents....we're all in it together.

Posted: 08/25/2023 at 12:21PM


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