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Just how important is the OSU game?

The more I think about it, the more I believe this game will have tremendous repercussions throughout the season on many levels.

OCS opening - it goes without saying that our players should be skyhigh for the first ever game there, as will every fan there. If ever CSU is going to have a real home field advantage, it should be for this game.

St QB / experienced WRs - as long as NS has a modicum of protection and Gallup/ Johnson/ Clark come ready to play, we shouldn't stall out on offense too far into the game. I expect at least 30 points out of our offense in this one, hopefully that's enough.

Bobo - he HAS to win this game. No excuses. Talent wise (IMO), we are either even or potentially slight advantage Everyone's confidence in him is on the line. Winnable game and favored going in so he cannot underachieve in this one.

Impact of not winning (OOC) - if we lose this one, I cannot imagine we'll beat CU either so would start the season 1-3 with an always tough trip to Hawaii to start conference play.

Impact of not winning (MWC) - confidence will be shot going 1-3 OOC and will be another struggle to become bowl eligible.

QB controversy - we lose game #1 and start 1-3, NS will be blamed by Bobo and will change things up cause that's what he does. I feel NS has earned the right to have a long leash this season and to finally let him lead this team the entire season. We need stability at QB position this season and NS needs to be that guy. Next year it should be Collin but this year it needs to be Nick.

Future P5 inclusion - we simply shouldn't lose to a lower level P5 team at home (Hughes or OCS). If we want into a P5 ever, these are the games we schedule exactly for that purpose and then must WIN them. We cannot trip over our own feet in this one. The stadium was built to host P5 opponents to draw big crowds and create extra excitement on campus that playing Fresno, San Jose or New Mexico cannot. Build it and they will come! The time is now.

There are many storylines to be had and when we look back on this season after it's all said and done, this one game will dictate how this season will play out. Take care of biz and we could/ should have a conf championship kind of season (really, our goal should be to host the MW championship game cause we have everything we need with this team to do so) OR we stumble and struggle to be bowl eligible again due to deficiencies we have on defense &/or injury problems.


(Honestly, I expect a blowout victory.)

Posted: 07/17/2017 at 10:19AM


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