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So this whole "obstructionism" argument is BS...

As Obama said himself, elections have consequences. Many D's believe that it's somehow unfair or disingenuous that GOP blocked many of Obama's policies. What they fail to consider is that it just may be because they completely disagreed with his policies and with what he was trying to do. They were elected during the midterms to balance him out.

Criticizing them for that is like criticizing the Dems for not supporting Trump's policies. I understand that they vehemently disagree with his policies and I would expect them to block them however they can. You should understand the same from the GOP on Obama's policies.

If the current GOP wants to reach out to D's to craft policies, then they can, if not, they can try to cram things through on their own. (see how well that is working out...Not). Same with Obama and the D's. If they wanted to include the GOP, then they could have, but they did not. I understand, because the GOP would have demanded more than they were willing to give up, so they didn't.

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Posted: 07/17/2017 at 11:10AM


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