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Agree... huge opportunity to APPREHEND all that been set up for Bobo/Team

Allow me to digress for a moment --- Bless JMac's pea-pickin' heart... he learned from his mistakes & improved annually and was willing to make virtually any/every change necessary to his "sacred" Staff (made Baldwin play-caller, added Art,etc) / Scheme (switched back to Zone Blocking vs. Man-Power) / Techniques (OL Blocking techs)... while at the same time he chose his QB & stuck with GG thru some poor/uneven performances, even though he had a hot-shot QB behind him (CS who won more games in relief & as a starter than CH did). And JM got some help from a few other-world (lucky) type of performances (eg, Shaq's back-to-back strips of ball vs. WSU in Nat'l TV Bowl game!... hanging close w/ Bama... that BC win, etc.). Give JM his due... he APPREHENDED most of his/CSU's major Opportunities.

It strikes me that Bobo on the other hand, seems to have had great health for his team as well, but has been pretty much un-willing or un-able to change up ANYTHING in his "template for Winning", except Players (specifically his QB), and his DC (forced by Tyson's HC opportunity)... and his players are yet to have had Game-Winning magic performances or moments. This has resulted in about 6 major "Lost Opportunity" games (Idaho, UNR, Minn, Minn, UCB '15, AFA, Boise, Wyo '16)... and 1 major "Opportunity Gain" (SDSU '16). Not a good track-record for SEIZING or APPREHENDING OPPORTUNITIES.

Whatever the case... I look forward to seeing IF & HOW Bobo is able to get this staff & team Prepared, Motivated & Execute ... to APPREHEND all the OPPORTUNITIES that have been apprehended and set up for CSU Fball in 2017 !!!!! Those opportunities are STUNNING in size & consequence (as you listed very well). None of us want to see them squandered.

That being said, I fully expect CSU & Bobo to WIN the OSU game for all the same reasons you listed. If that massive opportunity is squandered & lost, it's not the end of the world... just another "Opportunity Cost" of the hire CSU made... do you know what I mean??

I expect CSU to also beat UCB.

I believe these 2 W's may IMHO require Bobo to OUTCOACH Anderson & MM who I believe to be Superior HC's.

Improbable as it sounds, this can be accomplished by gathering the courage to "step outside of his/Richt's pre-set Success Form", become far more "self-aware" & "self-critical" than he (or RIcht) are comfortable with. Such Improvement requires questioning many of the basic tenants of their Template for Success... and the guts to try some different "tenants". Just IMHO, but only then can Bobo change his "patterned & predictable" ruts.

Who am I to judge... but maybe Bobo's talent base & LUCK is strong enough to make "the Richt Form" work successful (in spite of opponents knowing what you're going to do play after play), as is, no changes necessary. Whatever the case, we'll all continue to be Ram Fans.

The rest of the MASSIVE '17 OPPORTUNITY :

*** to Win the Mountain Div (beating BSU &/or Wyo + UNM + USU + AFA + SJSU + UNLV). It would be a professional Sin for CSU to go 3-1 in OOC, and not follow thru by Winning the Mountain Division !!!!!!!!!

***** to Win the MWC (likely beating SDSU in CCG). Huge opportunities arise from accomplishing this, if combined with beating 2 of 3 P5 teams !!!

******** to Win a Nationally Televised BOWL (a 1st for Bobo @ CSU!!!). No more Ram Fans griping about the Opponent & Location not being "Good Enough" for us --- time to get a Bowl WIN !!!!

$$$$$$$$$'s Ultimately, IMHO 2017 is CSU's year to prove it's P5 worthiness... which will require a followup year of Hi-Success in 2018 to prove the P5 doubters to be wrong.

This is exciting... I'm hoping & praying for our HC, OC, DC, Staff & Players to perform to their Utmost potential... stay healthy... and APPREHEND all that's been set up for CSU Football.

Go RAMS !!!!!!!!!

Anybody want to discuss (another day) some of the things Bobo may need to change in his/Richt's "template for success" ?? Other than ME... :)

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Posted: 07/17/2017 at 2:02PM


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