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Mixed marriage

Dad worked for/with CSU, and Mom is a CU grad. To this day, the Showdown is a split down the middle. I have one brother who went to CSU and another who, like me, went to CU. Trash is talked for the weeks leading up to the game and for just a short time after. (We are family, after all.)

Man, it was hard being a CSU football fan when I was a kid. The Rams were bad, usually very bad, almost every year. The exception was 1966, when CSU beat perhaps Wyoming's greatest team (in a game my dad and I attended) and finished 7-3. But that was THE exception.

Some experiences in the late 1960s made me a CU fan for life. In 1967, our family went to CU's homecoming -- it was my mom's 10th class reunion and she went back to see old friends. CU was playing Oklahoma State that day at Folsom Field. We walked over to one of the south portals of the stadium, and the security guy let my 9-year-old self in for a couple of plays. I had never seen so many people in one place, and they roared and then groaned when Dick Anderson went up for an interception but wasn't able to secure it. It was intoxicating and a whole different world from what I saw at old Colorado Field on the CSU campus.

The deal was sealed two years later when CU had a good season and then ran over an all-white Alabama team in the Liberty Bowl. I was hooked.

My approach to the Showdown is obviously different from most of my fellow CU fans, because I've actually followed CSU football for decades. I am not a CSU fan in the sense that I root for the Rams, but I still pay attention to what is going on every year. OK, I root for the Rams when they play the hated Zoomies (which is another story, dating to the first time CSU hosted AFA at Hughes). And, of course, I root against the Rams in the Showdown, but not otherwise. It is what it is.

Anyway, I always look forward to the Showdown, and I'll let the other CU fans speak for themselves for how they feel about CSU.

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