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Good story... I have a similar one re becoming an OU fan as a kid from OKC

... who's parents were both Alums & my sis (brother went to OSU).

But I eventually learned about the harsh realities of FBS economics that provide the Elite Fball Programs with almost insurmountable advantages over their less-Elite (& non-Elite) competitors w/i & w/o their Conferences ... and incredible overwhelming advantages over those other pesky D1A mid-majors. After learning & seeing the Bullsh*t 1st hand... I had to be honest & root for any David vs. any Goliath. OU & it's fans under Switzer, Chuck, Bud, Stoops have come to a serious realization that their "Rich Tradition of Fball Excellence" was nothing but more $$$$$$$$'s driven.

T Boone Pickens finally proved it beyond doubt by investing about $200M personally in OSU Fball (which steamrolled into about $1B of new Fball funds)... since then OSU has been an Elite-program that's faaaarrrrrrr more able to match OU's "Rich Tradition of Fball Excellence" . Funny how that works, eh?? All it takes is $$$$$$$'s and a willingness to "do whatever it takes" (ie, cheat but rarely get caught).

Watching Sonny work his magic at CSU vs. the Goliath's of BCS in late 90's (via ESPN TV)... well that's the David team I began rooting for. Ha!

BTW, I too enjoyed it when Mac's Buffs whooped the Top-Elites and gained great noteriety. It wasn't until years later that I found out how he did it, and how well-endowed & dirty even his program was .

Disappointments abound. But CSU & later TCU & UU & Boise are all great examples of the little guys (David's) who out-witted the system to beat the Elites with about 6x's less $$$$$'s & farrrrr less cheating.

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