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Maybe you should stop reading Fox news headlines...

Yes... some people will get $4k back... those that do not have children and those that don't use deductions...

With deductions being cut the middle class will be hurt... especially families with children. Plus, how do you know who gets what tax rate... they haven't introduced the income levels for each range of tax percentages. They might actually shrink the income levels for many in the current tax levels and push them from the 33% and 28% to the 35% range.

Lastly... during the campaign didn't Trump say he was going to penalize those that sent their businesses overseas? Now with the tax deductions for those that do have overseas income... in the long run why should they invest in US labor when that labor overseas is giving them a tax break.

You should really stop being a lemming and start asking questions. It is lemmings like you who are letting this country be destroyed even further on many fronts because you head is too far up the rear of the Republican party oligarchy.

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Posted: 10/12/2017 at 10:33AM


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