Time Out List

RamNation.com is a fantastic CSU fan community that has been serving Ram fans for almost 20 years. But in recent years, the tone and respect among fellow posters has largely deteriorated. With the amount of traffic that we have on this site, it’s inevitable that a small number of users are going to cause problems. This page is designed to help keep our users in the loop on community members who have been permanently banned, temporarily suspended, or are on the cusp of being suspended (after receiving warnings or making too many offending posts).

We have always erred on the side of leniency. However, the boards have deteriorated enough over the last several years that something must be done to clean them up and make them an enjoyable place to visit. We aren’t in the business of censorship, nor are we affiliated with CSU and expect everything to be rosy. But we love CSU and we love our fans and want this place to get back to being a place where good fans can share opinions/discussions — positive negative — in a respectful way. That has proven challenging recently. We’ve made many pleas over the years and set the ground rules. In short, don’t be an ass. Don’t make bigoted posts. Don’t post 1000 times a day about how bad CSU or certain coaches/administrators suck. Bring value to the board and have rational, respectful conversations. Please obide by this so we don’t have to put you in timeout and have you end up on this page. 

(If you ever have a question on why you were suspended, email us at staff@ramnation.com. We’ll respectfully have a conversation with you to tell you why. But we’re guessing most of you will already have a pretty good idea.)

Thank you,
~RamNation Staff

Sideline WarningOn the Bench
ramdom - Continued attacking of other postersbryramtox
DaRams - Repeated overly negative postsGoing streaking
80sramfan - Distasteful comments, attacking posters. lucyfar
RAM Texas - Distasteful GDB postsManbearpig