Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: It’s Time To Reward The Team

So sit back and grab your favorite brew and read my rants!

If you’ve read any of my stuff this season, you’ve seen a recurring theme. And that theme is that these Colorado State basketball teams have managed their way through extraordinary circumstances to position themselves well for regular season conference championships and post-season play.

And by doing so they have provided us with countless successes, albeit on the television, the computer creep, the radio, or through the print media.

Now its time to give back to them.

Allow fans to attend the final two scheduled home games this week vs. Air Force.

If I am reading correctly, Larimer County guidance has changed due to positive movement of the COVID dial into yellow status.

Up to 150 people beyond participants and support staff are now allowed to attend sporting events.

Not a heck of a lot with a Moby capacity of 8000+.

Not a lot in terms of creating a home court advantage.

But enough to allow family and close friends and maybe a few more to come see their team play. Maybe some cheerleaders too.

And most importantly, a way for the administration to give back to these players and coaches who have sacrificed quite a bit to give us the emotional and mental help that fans need in times like this.

Those 150 can help all CSU fans channel their support and show their love in these final games.

Word is that local high school programs have figured out a way to have small crowds attend their basketball games.

Let’s go President McConnell and Director Parker.


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  1. Happy for you that you got your first shot of the vaccine Ed. My wife got her first last week as well. I’m still waiting to hear from UCHealth. SHould be any day now.

  2. I agree on at least the 150 family and roomies plus spirit and band members they work their tails off and little reward this year. Need some bell covers perhaps the booties the cable guy wears in your house?

    I would love to be there but only got my first dose of Moderna a week ago. And there are tons of folks more deserving. Too many fans sit on their hands so if the capacity is allowed to grow, students masked (250-1000 I don’t know the #?) above the rail should allow for distancing.

    It sucks but it has sucked for nearly a year. They played before opposing fans at the Blue Aggies and Pokes. It would be nice to play before a few more Rams who are paying tuition.

  3. The minimum should be 1,000-1,500…Both men’s and women’s teams deserve this. How about a free Ram Mask give away while they’re at it! 🐏😎🏀

  4. Joel, I chose 150 because it looks like they dont need any kind of variance from Larimer County to make that happen. That means it should be a no-brainer, other than figuring out the logistics of how to safely get 150 people in and out of Moby.

  5. Couldn’t agree more, Steve. I’d take it a step further and allow family AND some students in. Can’t we allow 1000 student fans in, while still adequately maintaining social distancing? That’s like 12% capacity. C’mon.

    REWARD this team by allowing their family and peers to attend. Give parents the opportunity to support their kids. And support the enthusiasm of the top 1000 students who are dying to see this team in person.

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